3.4. Building Errors

Here list all the errors when run pyarmor in building machine

  • out of license

    Using any feature is not avaiable in trial version or current Pyarmor License.

    Refer to Pyarmor License Types

3.5. Runtime Errors

Here list all the errors when run the obfuscated scripts

  • error code out of range

  • this license key is expired

  • this license key is not for this machine

  • missing license key to run the script

  • unauthorized use of script

  • this Python version is not supported

  • the script doesn’t work in this system

  • the format of obfuscated script is incorrect

    may caused by

    • the obfuscated script is made by other Pyarmor version
    • can not get the path of runtime package
  • the format of obfuscated function is incorrect