2.8. Register Pyarmor

2.8.1. Initial Registration

First read Pyarmor License to purchase one Pyarmor License.

An activation file like pyarmor-regcode-xxxx.txt will be sent to you by email. This file is used to initial registration.

At the first time to register Pyarmor, -p (product name) should be set. If not set, this Pyarmor license is bind to “non-profits”, and could not be used for commercial product.

It need internet connection for intial registration. For non-profits usage

For internal use or any non-profits use, run this command:

$ pyarmor reg pyarmor-regcode-xxxx.txt For commercial usage

Assume this license is used to protect your product Robot Studio, initial registration by this command:

$ pyarmor reg -p "Robot Studio" pyarmor-regcode-xxxx.txt

Pyarmor will show registration information and ask your confirmation. If everything is fine, type yes and Enter to continue.

If initial registration is successful, it prints final license information in the console. And a registration file named pyarmor-regfile-xxxx.zip for this license is generated in the current path at the sametime. This file is used for next registration in other machines.

Activation file pyarmor-keycode-xxxx.txt can be uses only 10 times, after that it doesn’t work. So once initial registration is successful, using registration file pyarmor-regfile-xxxx.zip for next registration.

Please keep this registration file carefully. If lost, Pyarmor is not responsible for keeping this license. In this case, if continue to use Pyarmor, needs purchase new one.

Once register successfully, product name can’t be changed. Product name is not decided

When product is in developing, and product name is not decide. Initial registration with product TBD. For example:

$ pyarmor reg -p "TBD" pyarmor-regcode-xxxx.txt

It can be changed once later, before product starts selling, the real name must be set by this command:

$ pyarmor reg -p "Robot Studio" pyarmor-regcode-xxxx.txt

2.8.2. Registeration in other machines

Once initial registeration successfully, it generates registration file named pyarmor-regfile-xxxx.zip at the same time.

Copy this file to other machines, then run the following command:

$ pyarmor reg pyarmor-regfile-xxxx.zip

It need not internet connection.

Check the registration information:

$ pyarmor -v