Runtime Module pytransform

If you have realized that the obfuscated scripts are black box for end users, you can do more in your own Python scripts.In these cases, pytransform would be useful.

The pytransform module is distributed with obfuscated scripts, and must be imported before running any obfuscated scripts. It also can be used in your python scripts.


exception PytransformError


This is raised when any pytransform api failed. The argument to the exception is a string indicating the cause of the error.

It’s not available in super mode.


Return how many days left for time limitation license.

>0: valid in these days

-1: never expired


If the obfuscated script has been expired, it will raise exception and quit directly. All the code in the obfuscated script will not run, so this function will never return 0.


Get license information of obfuscated scripts.

It returns a dict with keys:

  • ISSUER: The issuer id
  • EXPIRED: Expired date
  • IFMAC: mac address bind to this license
  • HARDDISK: serial number of harddisk bind to this license
  • IPV4: ipv4 address bind to this license
  • DATA: extra data stored in this licese, used by extending license type
  • CODE: registration code of this license

The value None means no this key in the license.

The key ISSUER is introduced from v6.2.5. It will be trial if the license.lic is generated by trial pyarmor. For purchased pyarmor, it will be the purchased key like pyarmor-vax-NNNNNN. Note that if the license.lic is generated by pyarmor before v6.0.1, it will be None.

Raise Exception if license is invalid, for example, it has been expired.


Return a string, which is last argument as generating the licenses for obfucated scripts.

Raise Exception if license is invalid.


Return a string, which is specified by -x as generating the licenses for obfucated scripts.

Return None if no specify -x.

Raise Exception if license is invalid.

get_hd_info(hdtype, size=256)

Get hardware information by hdtype, hdtype could one of

HT_HARDDISK return the serial number of first harddisk

HT_IFMAC return mac address of first network card

HT_IPV4 return ipv4 address of first network card

HT_DOMAIN return domain name of target machine

Raise Exception if something is wrong.


Constant for hdtype when calling get_hd_info()


A decorator function used to check each function list in the args is obfuscated.

Raise Exception if any function is not obfuscated.


Copy those example code to any script, for example, obfuscate it, then run the obfuscated script.

Show left days of license

from pytransform import get_license_info, get_expired_days
    code = get_license_info()['CODE']
    left_days = get_expired_days()
    if left_days == -1:
        print('This license for %s is never expired' % code)
        print('This license for %s will be expired in %d days' % (code, left_days))
except Exception as e:

More usage refer to Using Plugin to Extend License Type


Though is not obfuscated when running the obfuscated script, it’s also protected by PyArmor. If it’s changed, the obfuscated script will raise protection exception.

Refer to Special Handling of Entry Script