The Differences of Obfuscated ScriptsΒΆ

There are something changed after Python scripts are obfuscated:

  • Python Version in build machine must be same as in target machine. To be exact, the magic string value used to recognize byte-compiled code files (.pyc files) must be same.

  • If Python interpreter is compiled with Py_TRACE_REFS or Py_DEBUG, it will crash to run obfuscated scripts.

  • The callback function set by sys.settrace, sys.setprofile, threading.settrace and threading.setprofile will be ignored by obfuscated scripts.

  • The attribute __file__ of code object in the obfuscated scripts will be <frozen name> other than real filename. So in the traceback, the filename is shown as <frozen name>.

    Note that __file__ of moudle is still filename. For example, obfuscate the script and run it:

    def hello(msg):
    # The output will be ''
    # The output will be '<frozen foo>'